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Ickwell May Day is held on Spring Bank Holiday which next takes place on Monday 6th May 2013.

These pages contain some interesting information and photographs of previous May Day celebrations going from 1877 up to 2010 as well as a short history of the event.

For full and up to date information on the next May Day celebration go to http://www.ickwellmayday.co.uk





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May Day celebrations in Ickwell are recorded from the 1560's. Its current form with the plaiting of ribbons and a May Queen began in 1894 and has continued with very little interruption up to the present day. For further details click on the History link. 

The day consists of a procession and presentations in an arena around the maypole on the lovely and traditional setting of Ickwell Green. After the elected May Queen is crowned, both children and adults who are former pupils of the parish schools (known as the Old Scholars) perform the maypole dancing. 


  May Queen for 2010

Laura Sutherland

May Queen for 2009

Cherish Westbury

May Queen for 2008

Rosie Sallis.