A Brief History of Northill Parish

Bedford Borough and Central Beds web site offers some interesting and extensive archives, photographs and maps of Northill Parish which can be reached by clicking on the links below.

Z50-84-5 postcard of 1900

Elizabeth Harvey almshouses Apr 2007

The Gardeners Arms about 1925

Northill Postcard c. 1900

Ickwell Mayday Postcard c. 1900

Alms Houses

Gardeners Arms Beerhouse Vinegar Hill about 1925

Z50-84-3 The Grange c1900

postcard of c.1900

Z50-84-77 threshing process 1939

The threshing process at Northill in 1939



Tompions Cottage at Ickwell Jul 2007

Tompions Cottage



Z50-84-69 Ickwell Bury c1900

Ickwell Bury 1900

Upper Caldecote church Apr 2007

Upper C of E Caldecote Church

Northill Parish Hamlets  Hatch, Budonr, Brook End


Further information on the Parish of Northill and other Bedfordshire villages can be found at the Community Archive web site.

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